Supernatural History

Prior to the 18th century and beginning of the Age of Enlightenment, the existence of supernatural creatures was accepted as fact by the vast majority of the world’s population. Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, leprechauns, and tricksters weren’t merely scary stories, but part of every day life.

As the US leads the way in many areas of technological and scientific advancement, many citizens begin to forget about these creatures, or relegate them to the status of legends. However, just because the average person doesn’t believe in these creatures, doesn’t mean the creatures have actually gone anywhere.

Hunters, those who track down and destroy problematic supernatural creatures, have existed from the earliest days of humanity. Once upon a time, when everyone believed that they existed, hunters had a relatively easy job as they could always count upon the help of the locals. A qualified hunter was seen as just as integral a part of a new settlement as a doctor, teacher and lawman. Today, hunters are having to modify their techniques, as most adults see believing in ghosts as tantamount to believing in Santa Claus.

Immigration to the United States has also proved problematic for hunters. These immigrants, especially the poor who come to their new country huddled into dark dank ships don’t just bring stories of their homelands to their new country. The actual creatures are tagging along as well. For creatures that feed on misery, the squalid state of the transportation is a fertile breeding ground for them. Others are feeling squeezed out of their native lands just as the immigrants are, and are hoping to start anew elsewhere. For hunters who have only lived in the United States, however, these new beasties present new problems, as many of them have never been studied by US-based hunters. And while it’s easy for a trained eye to detect some kind of supernatural creature, when no one in an immigrant community can speak sufficient English to communicate the weaknesses of a creature, hunting becomes an even more dangerous job than usual.

Supernatural History

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