First game setting

Hunters aren’t typically the type who set down roots, so every campaign will be set somewhere different. For our first game, here’s some of the answers to “Where” and “Who” you’ll be dealing with.
Setting: Milton, Virginia
The state we know as West Virginia never formed – as a mountainous region, using human workers makes more sense than trying to get automatons to work uneven land, so the Southern sympathizers won out and the state never seceded from the Confederacy. A sparsely populated region, the town is something akin to the frontier, as the rough terrain keeps all but the heartiest souls away.


Lilah Walker
Attractive blond woman in her mid 20s, originally from Philadelphia. Violently drawn into the world of the supernatural at the age of 11 while on an extended hiking/(mundane) hunting trek through the mountains with her father. Her father was captured and dragged from their campsite while Lilah hid in their tent. Only some blood spatters remained in the morning. 6 years later, Lilah had trained herself in the ways of hunting the supernatural, and went back into the mountains along with another hunter, a young man she was sweet on (one of you may choose to be this ex-boyfriend). They discovered the lair of the sleeping beast and were able to slaughter it, though they barely escaped with their lives. In the creature’s den, Lilah found his military-issued identity disk from his time in the French-Indian war.

In the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, Lilah met Blake Walker, a returning soldier with the Army of the Potomac (Philadelphia Brigade). A whirlwind romance ensued and the two married quickly. When Blake chose to continue his military service, he was stationed in western Virginia to assist in Reconstruction efforts, and Lilah followed him, taking advantage of his long stretches away from home to continue her hunting. As his last tour of service wound down, the pair chose to settle permanently in Virginia. Following Blake’s return to civilian life, Lilah has also vowed that her days of hunting are behind her. It’s time for the happily ever after she so richly deserves.

Blake Walker
A handsome, if haunted-looking, former soldier in his late 30s. Blake is the fourth of seven kids, and never stood out much from his pack of siblings. When President Lincoln issued the call to raise an army to preserve the union, Blake was one of the first to sign up, sure this could be his way to stand out from his siblings. And indeed, Blake became a decorated war hero, signing up for multiple tours of service. He felt a connection with his brothers in blue, and was finally part of a family that understood him and respected him.

When he returned to Philadelphia after the official end of hostilities, Blake was introduced to Lilah by a mutual family friend. Lilah wasn’t a wilting flower like many of the other city girls he’d been introduced to over the years, but instead had a spitfire personality that refused to be tamed. Blake respected that and the pair soon married. Lilah told him she liked to hunt, but never told him about the supernatural nature of her prey. It was agreed that once his final year of service ended she would put an end to such dangerous activities, however, and settle down a little bit to be a proper wife and partner.

Blake’s final tour of service ended earlier than anticipated, however. He hasn’t shared the details of his final mission, and has only told his wife that due to injuries sustained during combat, he was allowed to leave the army.

First game setting

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